welcome to the secret cabbage zone.

here’s another poem i wrote - i’m less confident in sharing it. 
but i like it very much.

*don’t order if you dislike the fat of the pork belly
but that’s exactly my jam

tongue and teeth
salt and fat and sugar
caramel and wine and dark soy and light
cinnamon and clove and fennel and peppercorn and star-shaped anise
and joy
the tastiest kind
rolling in my mouth
dancing with a spoonful of rice
which of course, is the greatest warmth of all

so let the pork’s belly become my own
for what greater delight is there
than a slice of sweet-glazed meat
sat upon a pillow of comfort
and the soon empty spoon
empty but for a grain and a dashed caramel stain

-shared with friends in the rain

(september 29, 2019)