a space for conversation

Fall 2019 semester final project - ARCH 111 Studio at WashU

To design a public park space in which people could spend hours holding a conversation.

final site drawings


proposed topography change - process

living inside, inside

Spring 2019 semester final project - ARCH 112 Studio at WashU

To design a 12’x12’ living unit for a peer client  to spend a week in. Adapted to be temporarily installed in the Weil Hall atrium.

perspective elevation and section drawings

plan drawing

kindergarten primitive

Fall 2020 semester project - ARCH 211 Studio at WashU

First, to design a board game for young children. Then, to take the logic of the board game as a framework for developing a kindergarten building.

board game model

board game rulesheet 

board game composite drawing

conceptual drawings - process

elevation and plan drawings

study model

axonometric drawings

Transformation Diagram

Site and Placement - Fremont Park, St. Louis


Elevation and Section



Spring 2021 semester project in progress - ARCH 212 Studio at WashU

In the process of reimagining the courthouse environment.

Sketch Models

Design Configuration

Section Drawings